We are passionate about what we create. We work with clients of all sizes. From the full corporate orchestra, to SME('s), single person start-ups, individuals, and artists.

We care about producing what matters, finding a way to tell your unique story in the most interesting and inspirational way possible.

Whether its punchy and eye catching or calm and informative. We tailor our photos and videos to your needs, staying away from the cookie cutter approach many media companies take.

Jamie Jones and Marco Carola

Richy Ahmed and Skream at Parklife 2019

Joseph Capriati at Parklife 2019

Pirate Copy and De La Swinge at Parklife 2019

Case Study: Horizon Events Manchester

Here's what they had to say:

We hired Richard for our second event and he went above and beyond our expectations. From the minute he got there he got stuck in with his work till the minute he left. I’ve never met anyone with such great work ethic. Not only all of this but the results we got with our pictures and videos were amazing. Definitely worth the money if not a bargain for the finished product. We will 100% not only be using him for our next event but for all future events, couldn’t be more happy with the work he provided!



Event Video

Joshua Brooks Manchester
Ben Sterling & Mason Collective
Craig Harrison
Ben Sterling at Joshua Brooks

We captured major music events and festivals over the course of this summer for Kaluki. We got to film our favourite artists in the house and tech house music scene.

Event Video



Marco Carola, Jamie Jones
Joseph Capriati
Richy Ahmed, Skream
Joey Daniels, Leon

"The Art Of Visual Storytelling"

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